Why Paint by Numbers?

Why Paint by Numbers?

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Something that many people are not aware of Painting by Numbers is that it's an effective system that can help you grow in so many ways. Put merely, Paint by Numbers permits you to isolate an image into different attractive shapes. Each of these shapes are allotted to a particular number which is, in fact the number of the specific colour that you need to use for painting. If you paint each of those shapes correctly on the canvas with the correct paint then wallah, you will get that masterpiece that you have always dreamt of.

Generally, the wrong perception people have about Paint by Numbers is that it is ludicrous (for some), excessively formulaic, simplistic and uncreative. Though Paint by Numbers concept caught the attention of many people due to Covid-19 lockdown, it has been among people, especially kids all over the world for many years. And if you could recall, you would remember the times where you enjoyed Paint by Numbers as a kid. We all know that this is not something we have unheard of, however.; over the years as adults, we have stopped appreciating simple yet powerful hobbies like these we enjoyed as kids.

Like everything else around us Paint by Numbers craft has grown over the years. And now we have these highly impressive kits featuring a printed framework on canvas (with many designs to choose from), small paint pots and brushes to finish up your beautiful masterpiece. If you choose the right supplier to purchase, it usually comes with a quality frame and hooks to hang it once you are done with the painting.

The usual choice of paint type is acrylic or oil for these crafts; however, if you dare or want to have your own choice, then you can even choose watercolours or pencil colours to finish up your art. In case you are just starting, acrylic paint is your greatest bet because the other types of paints have a higher tendency to dry faster, which something you might not like as a beginner.

How will it affect you?

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We know that painting is a procedure which can guide you for the betterment of your mental and emotional health. In fact, Paint by Numbers is recognized as a treatment that can trigger your creativity, permitting you to come up with outstanding solutions to your issues. Basically, it will help you to think beyond the box. Also, the skill of painting can activate your brain to make fresh neurons as well as neurotransmitters such as dopamine. So, it increases your drive and focus, which is useful to lead an extraordinary or rather fulfilling life.

Why Paint by Numbers?

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It is no secret that everyone needs a balance between life and work. It is crucial that you find a method, practise or way of life to improve your mental health in order to live a balanced life. Paint by Numbers is one of the best ways to find that theraputic calmness on a busy day or weekend rather than gluing to the TV or getting lost in social media aimlessly.

As with meditation and other forms of calming technics, Paint by Numbers allows people to forget everyday routine thoughts as they focus closely on their current task of painting. Most experts think that this can be especially true for those who are not comfortable with a certain type of creative forms of art, such as free-form painting to others that require some kind of training. With Paint by Number, you get a structure and safety of a pre-established pattern to help you complete the colouring without too much effort. Basically, with Paint by Numbers you don't need any type of skills or training, you can simply start colouring without any fear as you did when you were a kid.

Stress and Anxiety

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We all wish to feel calm, relaxed and happier and that's why you may want to try Paint by Numbers. Actually, it is one of the simplest methods of relieving tension on a daily basis. You can overlook your tension for several hours. Even if you cannot colour, you can learn to colour your emotions with the assistance of this amazing approach. Scientists say that colouring has great ability to reduce anxiety and stress. The act of colouring can be very soothing and even meditative for people if they use the right approach to it. Scientists say that this phenomenon has noted positive changes in heart rates and brainwaves of adults as they colour at least a weekly basis. One of the studies showed that anxiety levels dropped when subjects coloured even things like simple mandalas. Maybe its time for you to try colouring with paint by numbers

Concentration and Focus

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With Paint by Numbers, you learn to use this impressive old aged technique to assist you to get better at concentrating and focusing. Just like in other forms of meditation to painting this allows you to keep your attention in one place as you start colouring. Also, different types of patterns and shapes assist you to keep concentrate on the things you are colouring.


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When you have done a painting with Paint by Numbers, you can get pleasure from a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, you can boost your self-confidence and creativity.


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Its no brainer, colouring sharpens ones memory. Research conducted using mandala-colouring proven that colouring is a great way to keep your memory alive. Paint by Number allows you to do exactly that, keeping you busy which painting should go where.


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Painting and colouring serve as a gateway to more creative pursuits for anyone. Those who are not yet experienced artists can start with colouring with Paint by Numbers and may find it leads to more creativity and ideas. Research shows that activities like these can also help individuals become more creative at analytical thinking.

In conclusion, Our sincere hope is that you would find some form of creative activity like Paint by Number to keep your memory fresh and keep yourself calm and happy.