Custom Diamond Painting - NEEDLEWORK KITS
Custom Diamond Painting - NEEDLEWORK KITS
Custom Diamond Painting - NEEDLEWORK KITS
Custom Diamond Painting - NEEDLEWORK KITS

Custom Diamond Painting

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Drill: Square


Size: 30 cm X 30 cm

30 cm X 30 cm
30 cm X 40 cm
30 cm X 50 cm
30 cm X 60 cm
35 cm X 50 cm
40 cm X 40 cm
40 cm X 50 cm
40 cm X 60 cm
40 cm X 70 cm
40 cm X 80 cm
45 cm X 45 cm
45 cm X 60 cm
50 cm X 50 cm
50 cm X 60 cm
50 cm X 70 cm
60 cm X 60 cm
60 cm X 70 cm
60 cm X 80 cm
60 cm X 90 cm
60 cm X 100 cm
70 cm X 70 cm
70 cm X 80 cm
70 cm X 90 cm
70 cm X 100 cm
80 cm X 80 cm
80 cm X 110 cm
80 cm X 120 cm
90 cm X 90 cm
90 cm X 105cm
90 cm X 160cm
100 cm X 100 cm
100 cm X 120 cm
100 cm X 140 cm
100cm X 150cm
110 cm X 170 cm
120 cm X 120 cm
120 cm X 160 cm
120 cm X 180 cm
120cm X 240 cm
150 cm X 185 cm
150 cm X 305 cm
150 cm x 290 cm
60 cm X 180 cm
120 cm X 240 cm

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW ON HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PHOTO FOR A CUSTOM DIAMOND PAINTING. Please note, there is no returns or refunds on custom diamond paintings.

    Each kit includes:

    • 1 x printed canvas
    • More than enough drills to complete the painting
    • 1 x pick up a pen, tray and glue set

    Everything you need to complete the painting is included in the kit.

    * Please note; Most of our diamond art kits are printed on demand. It typically takes 10-15 business days to get your diamond art kit printed, shipped and delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

    Choosing a Photo


    1. Choose Only Large High-Quality Photos. 

    2. Pay Attention To The Colors And Shading Of Your Original Photo. 

    3. Pick The Canvas That Best Fits Your Photo. 



    Only submit a photo that is:

    • Very Large¬†
    • Very High-Quality
    • Taken In Good Light¬†

    **If your image is even a little bit blurry or pixellated when you look at it, it will NOT work as a diamond painting. Images need to be super high quality to work.** 

    What makes a good photo? Pixels.

    Now for the sake of metaphor, imagine each pixel is a nice little diamond. 

    The more pixels (diamonds) you can pack into an image (canvas), the more detail you get in your painting. 

    We need your photo to have a LOT of pixels (diamonds). That way, when we blow your photo up and print it onto a canvas, your final painting will look as crystal clear as your original photo. 


    3 Secrets To Choosing The Perfect Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

    IF YOUR IMAGE LOOKS BAD (BLURRY, PIXELLATED) WHEN YOU ZOOM IN: Choose a different image. Your original image is too small to be turned into a diamond painting. Please choose a different image for the best results. 

    QUICK TIP: If you have any doubts about your image, use a photo-viewing program to zoom in to your image and see how the image looks. If you're on your phone, simply pinch your screen and zoom in to see how the picture looks up close.  

    Custom Diamond Painting


    One of the most common questions we hear: "Why is the white part of my diamond painting a different colour? Why does the black part of my painting contain brown and green diamonds?" 

    If your original photo is slightly red, or slightly blue, that colour will be magnified 1000x when we turn your photo into a diamond painting kit.

    And when there's a slight red hue on your entire photo, that red bleeds into parts of your painting you would expect to be white. Check this out, for example:

    Custom Diamond Painting

    When we blow up your photo, every pixel becomes much more obvious. It's kind of like looking at your face in one of those super close-up mirrors. You notice every pore, wrinkle, spot, whatever. With your diamond painting, you'll notice every pixel you place with a colour that just feels "off." 

    To stop this from happening, we recommend making some basic colour and tone adjustments in your favourite photo editing program before submitting your photo for a custom. For a free tool you can use to make these adjustments on your own, you can check out LunaPic -

    Custom Diamond Painting

    What a world of difference some basic colour adjustments can make! Pay close attention to the colours and hues in your original photo!



    The 2 important things to pay attention to here: 

    1. Canvas Size: How Big Should Your Canvas Be? 

    2. Canvas Orientation: Do I Need A Landscape, Portrait, Or Square Canvas?

    How Big Should Your Canvas Be? 

    Let me counter your question with another question: how many people, dogs, etc. are in your photo?

    Consult the helpful chart below as a reference for what size canvas you should order based on how many people are in your photo!

    **We advise that the subject of your photo take up most (70-90%) of the frame for the ideal diamond painting. 

    Custom Diamond Painting

    When in doubt, here's a good rule of thumb our fans swear by: the larger the canvas you order, the more detail your diamond painting will have.

    How to Diamond Paint?

    How to Diamond Paint?

    If you're new to diamond painting, you've come to the perfect place! Below are step by step directions on how to get started. Anyone can do it; it's incredibly simple!

    diamond painting

    Step 1

    Refer to the comparison table on the canvas to identify each diamond number and the corresponding printed number on the canvas.

    diamond painting

    Step 2

    Insert the round end of the dotting pen into the dotting cement (push hard to keep the cement in place).

    diamond painting

    Step 3

    Use the round end of the pen to stick a diamond and slightly press down to remove any extra cement.

    diamond painting

    Step 4

    Tear apart the partial film and place the diamond on the canvas according to the corresponding number.

    diamond painting

    Step 5

    If you stick a diamond to a wrong area on the painting, remove the diamond with tweezers.

    diamond painting

    Step 6

    After finishing, slightly press down the diamonds with your hand or a book to ensure that the diamonds are firmly attached.

    What are AB Drills?

    AB is short for Aurora Borealis. This refers to the solid colour diamond drills with a beautiful Aurora Borealis rainbow coat that gives it an opalescent shine on the surface. The appearance can differ, it can be a shiny soft pearl-like coating to a strong dual-colour reflection. They are used to highlight parts of the diamond painting pattern adding dazzling and mesmerizing effects to the art, just like the northern light it got its name from

    This is the comparison of the regular diamonds & Aurora Borealis:

    This picture is showing AB drills included in a diamond painting to give a better effect:

    Square & Round Diamonds Difference

    Do I choose Round or Square shaped diamonds/drills?

    If you have just begun to embark in this new hobby of Diamond Painting, you might be wondering what shape of diamonds to use on your very first work of art. Well, there is really no wrong way! To help you make your decision, we've prepared this short guide. Let’s take a quick look at their difference.

    Round Diamond Drills

    Round diamonds, especially on larger sizes, have a more sparkly appearance similar to glitter. They are generally preferred by beginners because they are easier to put on the canvas without needing to have straight lines - the exact placement of the pieces is a lot more forgiving without needing too much adjustment. This shape works better on larger sized artworks because it is generally faster to place. Since they have no corners, round diamonds can create some visible gaps in the picture. These are most visible for smaller size canvases. However, from a distance, the gaps are compensated by the colour of the background and become unnoticeable.

    Square Diamond Drills

    Square drills create sharp lines and clean picture since they fit together very nicely with no gaps. Though it requires some skill to line up the square diamonds perfectly, the finished artwork can be incredibly rewarding. Experienced veterans with a steady hand may opt for this shape to bring a bit of challenge to their craft. Square diamonds may be preferred when creating smaller canvases due to the longer time taken and no gaps between the pieces, but is still a suitable choice up to medium-large size artworks. Many fans of Square drills also find pleasure on how the pieces create a satisfying ‚Äúsnap‚ÄĚ sound when they fit into place.